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Metropolitan State TRIO Pay It Forward Tour

The Pay It Forward Tours will take place from May 7-10th destined for Chicago, IL!

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Alumni Profile: Scarleth Lopez

Scarleth Lopez was a participant on Stephen F. Austin State University’s first ever Pay It Forward Tour.

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Pay It Forward Tours Exist for College, High School and Middle School Students.

The Pay It Forward Tour represents the core of STLF on all levels—college, high school, and middle school.  The Tour is a community service road trip that travels from city to city doing different service projects.  Students on a charter bus will visit cities of various sizes and learn about a variety of social issues, with the hopes of learning more about themselves, their own community, and the world.  The hundreds of service hours carried out on each Tour are meaningful, but the true impact of the program is through lasting friendships and commitments to paying it forward of each student impacted by their experience.

Three Main Components to a Pay It Forward Tour:

The Pay It Forward Tour encompases a wide variety of experiences and opportunities all in one cross-country adventure to make a difference.  In addition to the fun and the friends, there are three main structured components of the program:

Reflection – Every night on the Tour ends with various leadership and reflection activities.  In the beginning, they are ice breakers and get-to-know-you activities.  As the trip progresses, increasingly meaningful activities provide a safe space for students to look deeper within themselves, exploring how these issues affect them personally and the group as a whole. 

Education – Pay It Forward Tours provide a binder for all participants with information on the communities visited, educating people on the social issues and the realities of the communities they serve in.  Further discussion, activities, and reflection on each day help the group to collectively better understand how that issue affects their own community, and most importantly what they can do about it.

Action – Students are also exposed to different cities, diverse people, and a wide range of issues.  They serve in each city, meet community members, and learn about what affects other people.  Most importantly, they take what they learn and commit to action within themselves, in their lives, and with their communities.  The lasting and limitless impact of STLF lies within each student impacted on an STLF experience.

 A Dynamic Experience Open to All

This multi-day, multi-city experience engages students in service and leadership, travel to and service in a new city each day, learning about social issues, building lasting relationships, and making a commitment to continued action when they return home.  Every Tour is open to students from any school, so tell your friends and register for a Tour today!

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